On the big screen, she is currently filming Crowning Jules in South Bend, IN and recently finished shooting a movie for Lifetime. She is in talks for a ‘motorcycle themed’ film and is planning to be in front of AND behind the camera for a Memorial Day 2016 war film.

When "CHiPs" first premiered in 1977, it starred Wilcox and newcomer Erik Estrada (as Officer Frank  "Ponch" Poncharello.  The show took on a glossier, more elaborate style. as Estrada and Wilcox became TVs most popular crime fighting duo - albeit against the glamorous backdrop of southern California. Roller disco, hang gliding and go-carts seemed to be plotlines as much as car theft rings, drunk drivers or freeway accidents.

After he left "CHiPs" in 1982, Wilcox quickly moved into producing. He aggressively pursued the rights to "The Dorothy Stratton Story" which starred Jamie Lee Curtis, and which Wilcox produced for NBC. 

Wilcox also developed; executive produced and directed the multiple ACE-Award winning TV Series "The Ray Bradbury Theater," which as a result of Wilcox’s leadership ran on HBO and the USA network for five years with reruns thereafter.

Wilcox spends his “off time”, with his family, including wife Marlene Harmon Wilcox and children Wendy, Derek, Heidi, Ryan and Chad.
Today, Wilcox is providing a very unique cross platform digital distribution management solution for all verticals including the entertainment business

Lloyd Eisler

Lloyd started skating at the age of seven in a small town in Canada and by the age of 14 was already representing his home country on the world stage. Lloyd has had a few partners over the 31 years his Skating career spanned, but the majority of his accomplishments came with Isabelle Brasseur whom he skated with for 18 years both as an amateur and as a professional. Together they captured six National Championships, five World Medals with a World Championship in '93, 24 International medals and two Olympic bronze medals in '92 and '94. The two were innovators and known as the "best-lifting pair team in the world", and many of the moves they invented are still being used and attempted by teams at the world and professional level. Lloyd personally competed in four Olympic Games aligning himself with 

Larry Wilcox was born in California but moved to Wyoming as an infant. He is best known for his role on CHiPS as Officer Jon Baker.
 Wilcox' first break competing against 300 actors was being cast as Dale Mitchell in the syndicated series "LASSIE" in 1972. After "Lassie," Wilcox got a number of guest starring roles on popular series (NBC,ABC, CBS) such as "M*A*S*H," "Hawaii Five-O" and "The Streets of San Francisco". 

Larry Wilcox 

Richard Cabral grew up in east Los Angeles, in a second-generation Mexican American family. He began to acting in 2009, appearing in the television show Southland. In 2010, he appeared in the music video for Bruno Mars' single “Grenade".
In 2015, Cabral starred in the mini-series American Crime, in which he portrayed the character Hector Tontz. For his role, Cabral was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie at the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards.
In 2016, Cabral co-wrote with Robert Egan a one-man show called Fighting Shadows, about his experiences as a former gang member who spent years in and out of prison.

In 2012 he developed and launched his "Healthy Planet Nutrition" line of whey protein nutritional supplements that instantly became a bestselling product at Whole Foods Markets across the Western US. His series of online and TV spots for Old Spice in 2011, as part of the "New Old Spice Guy Fabio" campaign resulted in over 190 million views on the Internet & 68,000 new friends on Facebook. His Super Bowl XL commercial for Nationwide Insurance was the most viewed commercial of the game. In 2006, he returned as spokesman for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! for two years and helped Gillette launch its Oral-B Sensitive Advantage Toothbrush campaign. In 2003, Fabio launched his signature line of women's apparel at the Sam's Club division of Wal-Mart with stores reporting increased sales by as much as 2,000%. Previously, he authored numerous romance novels, a fitness book, created a work out video and served as a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society. 

Bright as well as beautiful, an avid motorcyclist and technology buff, Fabio has very strong feelings about what makes relationships work: Equality and Mutual Respect.

Grand Marshal: Fabio

Join Us for the 5th Annual

"Greatest Escape"

Motorcycle Ride Sunday,

June 4, 2017  

Richard Cabral

2017 Celebrities

Antonio Jaramillo

​Clayton Cardenas can best be described as an artist, constantly adding to his palette. Following up his performance this season in the critically acclaimed ABC drama “American Crime,” he quickly landed a co-starring role in the highly anticipated FX pilot ”Mayans MC,” the spin-off of Kurt Sutter’s groundbreaking series ”Sons of Anarchy.” A gifted painter whose influences include Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol as well as a spoken word poet, Cardenas defies both expectations and appearances. He is a unique performer who’s diverse talents make him a force to be reckoned with.

Rusty Coones

Hailed as a "Real American Outlaw Legend" Rusty Coones's roots and street cred in the motorcycle community go back to 1974 when he bought his first Harley Davidson. His character on the television show SONS OF ANARCHY,  "Rane Quinn" was a Redwood Original Member of SAMCRO.  Coones appeared on Sons of Anarchy throughout all six seasons of the show and acted as an consultant to SOA show creator Kurt Sutter.

 Rusty Coones is the lead guitar, song writer and creator of ATTIKA7 as well as founder of "Illusion Cycles" , a custom motorcycle shop located in Orange County.  When Rusty is not appearing on television, touring with his band, or at his shop he devotes his time to supporting charitable causes centered on veterans, children, and animals. 

Antonio Jaramillo, a well known actor of both the film and screen, has enjoyed an illustrious career playing poignant roles in movies such as Savages (2013) and in television series such as Arrested Development , Shades of Blue, Devious Maids, Meet the Browns, and Dallas. 

Recently Antonio was cast as a lead  character in the Sons of Anarchy much buzzed about spinoff "Mayans M.C."  Jaramillo will play Michael “Riz” Ariza, Vice President of the Mayans MC Santo Padre and former leader of a local Mexican MC that was patched over by the Mayans.

a very select group of athletes to complete such an incredible feat. He also had a lot of obstacles to over come with three major knee operations and three shoulder operations that certainly took a toll on his body, but never once did he miss and event in his entire career. Lloyd was one of the major reasons for the continued success of Pair Skating in Canada as other pair skaters tried to emulate his lifting style and power. Lloyd now lives in California with his lovely wife and actress, Kristy Swanson, whom he met while doing the very first on ice skating TV program called Skating with Celebrities, and their son, Magnus.

The son of a mechanical engineer, Fabio was born and raised in Milan, Italy. He had already established himself as a top model and Mr. Europe before arriving in America. During his first week in New York, he signed with Ford Modeling Agency and quickly became their number one model. From there, an assignment to pose for a romance novel cover turned into 2,000 such assignments. Once readers became aware that their "fantasy" cover model was a real person, life changed drastically for the super model. 

It is the readers of these novels that "discovered" Fabio. He is the only male personality to emerge from the billion-dollar romance industry; An industry created, directed and controlled by women, for women. Seen as the "Champion of Romance", Fabio is committed to sharing with his fans and the world, his philosophy for balance and understanding between the sexes. 

age 50 in 1980.  I thought that I had known him for a long time, but it was really only 16 years.  However, at that point 16 years accounted for nearly half my life, and the years 17-33 were quite full and eventful for me.  I'll never forget the day I came home from hanging out with Steve in his hanger at the Santa Paula airport and told my wife that Steve was looking 'rasty.'  I thought that at 50, he had made all the movies he ever wanted to, and was just letting things slide.  A couple weeks later I was with him and he noticed that I had noticed a bulge in his T-shirt. He told me it was a tumor, 'the Big C.' He had been trying to keep it quiet.  Six months later he was dead.  Now, here we are 35 years later.  That simply doesn't seem possible. " 

Kristy Swanson 

Swanson was born in Laguna Beach, CA and has been a successful actress for the past 35 years.  She’s best known for her starring role in the Twentieth Century Fox film Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which remains a cult classic.  Swanson has appeared in both starring and supporting roles in films such as Hot Shots!, The Program, The Chase, Flowers in the Attic and her most critically-acclaimed role as Kristen Connor in John Singleton's Higher Learning. Swanson has also appeared in the film adaptation of the comic-book The Phantom and played the girlfriend of Adam Sandler in Big Daddy. In 2011, the she was nominated by MovieGuide for a Grace Award for “Most Inspiring Performance” for her starring role in the film What If… 

Roger McGrath

Roger D. McGrath is the author of Gunfighters, Highwaymen and Vigilantes.  A U.S. Marine and former history professor at UCLA, Roger has appeared in numerous documentaries, including The Real West, Big History, Cowboys & Outlaws, Jesse James: Legend, Outlaw, Terrorist, Tales of the Gun and Wild West Tech. Roger was friends with Steve McQueen for many years before he passed away from mesothelioma. Roger says, " Although I didn't think so at the time, now that I reflect upon it, Steve was still relatively young when he died at 

Clayton Cardenas